new version of eMaxMobileApp 1.42 for iOS and Android released

The latest eMaxMobileApp version 1.42 is ready for download in Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.

In 1.42, additionally to 1.41 the battery type BT-E8016 was added.

These are the changes for 1.41:

This version could be used in a LIMITED way (see more about the restrictions very below at the end of this post) with the latest motor firmware versions of DU-E50X0 (FW.: 4.4.4), DU-E61X0 (FW.: 4.7.2), DU-E7000 (FW.: 4.7.2), DU-E80X0 (4.9.0) and DU-EP800 (FW.: 4.14), see also here.

Especially for the DU-EP800 (EP8 & EP8-RS) drive unit a very individual possibility to change the “motor performance settings” of both motor characteristics profiles was integrated.

With this new functionality an increase of max. torque up to 85Nm and max. peak power up to 500W is possible also on the restricted EP8-RS drive unit. These functionality is already fully usable in the licence free version.

Take care: If the “motor performance settings” were changed individually via eMaxMobileApp and you want to change these settings later on (for whatever reason) with the E-Tube software, then most probably a warning message will be created in E-Tube. To avoid this, ideally you reset the “motor performance settings” parameters back to the default values for EP8 or EP8-RS with the related buttons and program these values to your bike before starting E-Tube.

Besides that issue, there is no problem using eMaxMobileApp and E-Tube in parallel.

Also all currently new available battery types for the STePS system had been integrated into eMaxMobileApp.

With this new version it is possible to REDUCE the max. motor support speed on an EP8 also on the latest motor firmware versions (so e.g. on the currently latest 4.1.4) via Bluetooth. In this way an EP8 bike which is already programmed to US – mode (max. 32km/h) could be e.g. restricted to 25km/h via Bluetooth if necessary.

With this version of eMaxMobileApp it is possible to access and modify also the latest motor firmware versions from Shimano, but only in a LIMITED way.

TAKE CARE: Although this version of eMaxMobileApp is partially compatible with all the latest motor firmware versions of all drive units, it is NOT possible to change bike settings in order to increase max. motor support speed via Bluetooth! Also some of the light related functionality is not or only partially available with the newest firmware versions from Shimano.

If you want to speed up your bike with the latest motor firmware versions or need special light functionality, you can use the latest version of our Windows based miniMax program in combination with a PCE interface or you can downgrade to a previous motor firmware (see documents in the support section).