…another happy eMax user;-)

Watch this great video and the related Youtube blog of Conrad…

welcome to the newly designed eMax website

Welcome to the new eMax website, which we finally have launched today;-)

The site is still preliminary and under construction!

In the next days we want to add a lot of new cool stuff and features (e.g. “Questions and Answers” – section, Blog, https, …).

Feel free to stroll around and leave a comment on info@eMax-Tuning.com.

Special thanks to Philipp S. for his great help and support!

with the new eMaxMobileApp version 1.22 it is now possible to indicate battery parameters

The new version 1.22 of our Bluetooth smartphone app eMaxMobileApp for Android and iOS is capable to modify also the latest motor firmware 4.7.1.
eMaxMobileApp 1.22 supports all Bluetooth capable display types of the STEPS8xxx series (SCE8000, SCE7000, SCE6100 & EW-EN100).

Check out the documentation for more information.