new version 2.29 of miniMax released

Today we have released the new version 2.29 of our Windows based miniMax program.

Additionally to the already supported drive – units and firmware versions this version now supports the newly released motor firmware versions:

4.4.8 for the DU-E5000, DU-E5080 and DU-E5080-H drive units

4.7.5 for the DU-E6000, DU-E6110, DU-E6100-CRG and DU-E6180 drive units

4.7.5 for the DU-E7000 drive units

4.9.4 for the DU-E8000 and DU-E8080 drive units

4.1.9 for the DU-EP800 (EP8), DU-EP800-RS (EP8-RS) and DU-EP800-CRG drive units

See also this document.