new version 2.14 of miniMax released

Today we have released the new version 2.14 of our Windows based miniMax program.

With this version a very individual setting of max. torque (max. 85Nm) and max. peak power (max. 500W) is possible on EP8 drive units and especially EP8-RS drive units. For using this functionality the user does not need to enter a bike specific licence key, so using this functionality is completly free of charge;-)

If you have already chosen individual values with miniMax and want to change these values later on with the E-Tube software, then you should reset the values you have changed with miniMax to default values before! Best is to use the blue marked default button related to your bike type (EP8 or EP8-RS) for this. Otherwise E-Tube does not recognize the values read from the bike and so will not allow to program new values and instead will show a warning message.