new version 2.52 of miniMax released

Today we have released the new version 2.52 of our Windows based miniMax program. You can download the program free of charge from the eMax-Tuning website.

This version includes new battery types as well as standard settings for the new “generation 2” – RS drive units.

This version also includes optimizations for the firmware update procedure for DU-EP801 and DU-EP600 drive units.

With this new version the newly released firmware versions

4.5.0 for DU-E50X0 (DU-E5000, DU-E5080),

4.10.0 for DU-E80X0 (DU-E8000, DU-E8080),

4.8.0 for DU-E7000 and DU-E61X0 (DU-E6100, DU-E6100-CRG, DU-E6110, DU-E6180) as well as

4.2.0 for DU-EP800, DU-EP800-RS, DUEP800-CRG

could be optimized in the well known ways (e.g. changing destination settings or wheel circumference) with a cable bound PCE – interface.

With this version it is also possible to optimize a DU-EP801 “EP801” or DU-EP600 “EP6” (or the associated “RS” or “CRG” version) based bike with an associated license key to a maximum speed of up to 50km/h (64km/h on an original US – drive unit) with correct indication of all values on the bike display by yourself.

In order to optimize the bike, it will no longer be necessary to remotely control your Windows computer over the Internet by us in the future.
However, for this type of optimization it is necessary that the required SM-PCE02 is connected directly to the drive unit, see also this document.

If it seems difficult to get direct access to the connections of the drive unit on your EP801 or EP6 based bike because, e.g. the bike frame covers the upper left part of the drive unit with the connections and the motor would first have to be removed or lowered to get access, we still also offer a personal optimization of the bike via an Internet based remote-control session of your computer, for which the cable-bound SM-PCE02 interface can be easily connected to the display (SC-EN600, SC-EN610, SC-EM800) or the left-hand control unit (SW-EN600-L) of the bike.

If you are interested in further information, feel free to contact us via email.

In general, you will find all optimization options that can be carried out with our eMax.tuning software in this document.