new version 2.41 of miniMax released

Today we have released the new version 2.41 of our Windows based miniMax program. You can download the program free of charge from the eMax-Tuning website.

This version automatically detects the correct COM – port and device type of the connected communication interface (SM-PCE02, SM-PCE1 or SM-BCR2). Also it is possible now to automatically power on the bike as well as programming a separately connected drive unit (without any other components like bike battery or display). Further on some enhancements for an optimized user experience on Asian Windows systems were implemented.

We also have found possibilities to increase the max. motor support speed of these new generation drive units EP801 (DU-EP801) and EP6 (DU-EP600) and its “RS” (Orbea) and “CRG” (Cargo) variants, see this German forum post of us.

We are working very hard to provide this functionality also in our software soon.

We flawlessly have optimized a lot of bikes with these new generation drive units via personal service (also possible via internet remote control) already.

So, if you are interested in optimizing your EP801 or EP6 based bike (or any other Shimano STePS based bike), just send an email to us and we will assist you.