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...with the new eMax Version 3.9K it is now possible to do tuning also with the newest motor firmware 4.6.0 from Shimano [December 2018].

   Check out the actual documentation for further information...


Link to eMax program (free of charge download):

Link to additional miniMax program (free of charge download):

Link to additional freeMax program (free of charge download):

Link to english eMax documentation:

Link to additional english eMax/miniMax/freeMax documentation "things to know":

Order eMax / miniMax licence key (119€ incl. VAT - valid for one bike)





eMax Software – perfect tuning for Shimano STEPS E8000


with eMax the speed limitation of the motorsupport on any bike with STEPS E8000 motor will vanish.


Please note: For communication between the eMax software and the STEPS E8000 motor of the bike
a Windows PC (7x, 8x, 10) and a SM-PCE1 interface is necessary.

Features of eMax 3.9K (up to motor firmware version 4.3.2 - for later firmware versions the tuning possibilities are limited, please refer to eMax documentation):

- motor support without speed limitation (the maximum set value in the eMax software is currently limited to 60kmh).
- individual full support of all 3 modes (Eco, Trail & Boost).
- display of real speed value on bike display.
- display of real total distance recorder value on bike display
- display of real day trip distance value on bike display
- possibility to adjust the circumference to the real value for speed accuracy.
- possibility to change the gear configuration to real setting after mechanical modifications (mechanical vs. electronical [Di2]).
- possibility to change the transfer ratio to real setting after mechanical modifications.
- bilingual user interface (English/German).
- bike could be modified back to delivery status in next to no time.
- bike could be modified as often as wanted.
- could be used on bikes with mechanical and electronical [Di2] gear switching on rear derailleur.
- compatible with all previous STEPS8000 firmware versions. For using the full eMax 3.x feature set, a motor firmware of at least 4.2.7 is necessary.
- no mechanical changes on bike necessary.
- All described functions of the software except the modification of the maximum speed of the motor support and the change of the circumference could already be used with the software without any licence key.


A bike modified with the eMax software may only be used on private, enclosed areas or designated routes – for example, for sporting activities or for advertising purposes.

In general, the use of tuning devices leads to a manipulation of the speed of your electric bicycle, which is not allowed in areas where the road traffic act applies – for example, on public roads.

The use of tuning tools is at your own risk. No liability is assumed for any future or current damages to objects and / or persons caused by the improper installation / uninstallation / use of the tuning tool.

If you use tuning tools to manipulate the speed of your electric bike, the warranty of your electric bike may be limited or expire.

If your electric bike has an operating licence and you use a tuning tool, the operating licence will expire in most cases, too.

Please drive carefully and use protective clothing such as helmets and clothing with protectors etc. Don´t endanger yourself or other persons.

Talk to your insurance to make sure all areas of your activities are legally protected.

Please keep in mind that other countries may have deviating legal regulations / requirements – especially if you are going on holiday and take your electric bike with you.

Please inform yourself in advance and always follow the legal regulations.